Mercenaries are auxiliary troops that most Warmachine factions have access to. But you can also create a Pure mercenary army if you add a mercenary warcaster and his warjacks. It is hard to talk about Mercenaries in general, they are an extremely diverse faction. The psychically powerful Cephalyx who use mind-control to enthrall their opponents, the Dwarven nation of Rhul with their Ogrun auxiliary forces, and the reckless raiding parties of the Privateers. As well as the remnants of the Llaelese Resistance fond of guerrilla-warfare, or the run-of-the-mill sell-swords of the Steelhead regiments all fall under this category. Various mercenary solo models are often highly sought-after, as they provide efficient ways to fill gaps in your army composition. Mercenary armies have the largest selection of solos to choose from