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The Trollbloods represent a loose alliance between a variety of formerly scattered and disparate tribal communities. They were forced to band together to survive in the face of humanity’s quickly escalating wars. Trollkin tribes, called kriels, have deep roots in western Immoren, where they have built homes in several wilderness regions the human nations had deemed of little interest. Trollkin are not strangers to human cities, as a number of these robust and hardy people work and live alongside mankind, but the majority remain in the wild, wary of humanity after a long history of frequent struggles, broken promises, and mutual bloodshed.

The trollbloods represent a loose alliance of scattered and disparate trollkin tribes, called kriels, who carved out homes from wild lands the human nations deemed of little interest. The recent wars of mankind have encroached on even these remote havens, eroding the ancestral homes of this hardy race. In addition, trollkin are beset on all sides by the scheming druids of the Circle Orboros, the cruel skorne from across the eastern desert, and the recent rise of terrible draconic monsters.

The trollbloods have answered the call of great war leaders and shamans to emerge an increasingly united fighting force. The stalwart trollkin have been joined by cunning pygmy trolls and have enlisted the mighty full-blood trolls, ravenous dire trolls, and legendary mountain kings in an alliance of common blood that combines modern military armament with the unparalleled strength of primal beasts.

Every challenge strengthens the resolve and warrior spirit in the blood and bones of these brave peoples. They refuse to break under pressure and fight tooth-and-nail for a better life. Fortified by their natural regenerative powers, their prayers to the mother-goddess Dhunia, and the elemental magic of their sorcerers, trollkin warriors stand their ground against impossible odds for kith and kriel.