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The minions faction cover the creatures who live in the wilds of western Immoren caught up in the mess of war. Some of these creatures are small tribes looking to protect their home or need supplies that they can get in exchange for fighting along side other factions. Others are out for profit and are guns for hire.

There are three groups to the Minons faction. The Gatormen who are a mixture of Aztec blood magic and dark voodoo. These Gators have strong magic with some decent de-buffing. They do lack some accuracy but hit hard in a melee. The Fallow are a group of Hogmen who scrounge secondhand weapons. They are good at supporting each other having a mixture of melee and range. Their casters have spells or abilities that help both warbeasts and infantry. The last group is everything else. With the Minions you can build a themed force around one of the main groups or you can add them into another faction. If you decide to add them into another faction army Minion warbeasts can only be controlled by a Minion model. Units, solos, and battle engines can hire themselves out to any non-Minion army that is listed on their card.

These guys are a great way to pad our your force, or shore up weaknesses in your tactics providing you with some versatility that you may need to contend with armies specifically designed to kill you. On top of that, the sheer variety of these beasts make for some epic models to paint up in your army colours.