Lgion of Everblight Logo

Everblight is a child of the dragon Toruk who rebelled against his father a millennia ago. Being the more cunning of his siblings, Everblight hid after rebelling waiting for times to change. Whilst hiding he was discovered by a group of elves who managed to destroy his corporeal form and imprisoned his athanc (and indestructible stone where his soul is kept).

Decades passed and eventually he was able to lure a ogrun to break the magical seals on his prison. Now free, rather than taking dragon form once again as he could have done, Everblight chose to inhabit the ogrun, causing his body to mutate and transform into a monstrous new form with his blight. Blight is the warping and destructive energy that all dragons exude. Causing strange growths in creatures and the land.

Everblight seized control of the Nyss winter elves who were living in the frozen north. The warriors of the Nyss added blade smiths and archers to Everblight’s newly formed legion. Not long after the blighted ogrun from the mountains came to his legion adding some brawn and insane ferocity.

Legion of Everblight is a fast, warbeast focused faction. With Eyeless Sight allowing them to ignore defensive tech that keeps other armies safe. Along with a high concentration it allows armies to maneuver unhindered by terrain. The combination of mobility and warlocks gives you the opportunity to outmaneuver the enemy and pick them apart.

A key tactic of the army is trading your low value models for high value models of the enemy. By literally dragging your opponents models out of position, disrupt you opponents plans, and take down key units through mobbing or spells. A successful Legion player is a crafty Legion player just like Everblight himself in the lore. Sneaky tricks, creative counter-play, and movement shenanigans will serve you just as well – if not better – as a big meaty beatstick.