The Grymkin are the creatures that roam the Urcaen, where humans pass over to when they die. This wilderness is beyond the protection of the gods so you could call it hell. The creatures of the Urcaen are not deamons or undead as they do have souls and physical bodies. They are lead by five mortals who turned from the god Menoth and were banished to Urcaen as there punishment.

The five mortals were tortured for many years before learning how to control the creatures of the Urcaen, becoming the defilers that now lead these forces. These forces were released from the Urcaen with the help of an old witch who wanted to use them to keep the forces of the Infernals in check. Bringing their own wicked harvest to the world.

Grymkin are based off biblical tales of sin and dark fairy stories. Some are the nightmares of the defilers brought to life others are corrupt souls made real by dark magic leeching from the Urcaen into Cean. You can see elements of other factions imagery through the Grymkin miniatures to represent this.

Grymkin like to be up close and personal, have above average melee output and staying power once engaged in combat. Sadly Grymkin are a little on the slow side to move around the table so you might need to take a few hits before you can get into position. This doesn’t have to slow you down however Grymkin come into their own once they can charge. These skirmishes are what gets them to where they need to be.

Arcana Cards give Grymkin a unique mechanic. At the beginning of the game you choose two cards and add them to the arcana card provided by your warlock, for a total of three. These give you battlefield-wide effects that are triggered by enemy attacks. They represent the wilds of Urcaen bleeding over into Caen. Its knowing when to play the arcana cards which makes this a very strategy heavy faction.