The Circle Orboros are an ancient group of Druids who are born with the power to control nature and are arguably the oldest faction in the game. Their power is linked to the Devourer Wurm who is a primordial god of annihilation, chaos, and primal aggression that threatens to return to the world and destroy everything.

The Circle is not a benevolent organization, who will slaughter randomly and without mercy to achieve their ends. They believe that civilisation has spread too far, and has brought too much order into the world. If this is allowed to continue, the Wurm will wake and destroy everything to begin the cycle anew. They believe it is up to the Circle Orboros to prevent this from happening and so wreak destruction on all forms of civilisation.

This is a faction of speed and aggression and has some of the highest potential damage in the game. Along with unpredictable, rapid direction changes, playing this faction requires a sensitivity for knowing exactly where to strike. Hit fast, hit hard, and target the vulnerable – all perfect for assassinations or finishing off weakened units before wheeling around and focusing en-mass on the biggest threat.

Their Warlocks are elemental and nature magic wielders and can harness the full breadth of specialities from stone shapers, to weather wizards, bestial brutes, healers and beast handlers. They also have access to fire, ice and lightning attacks for direct damage, or can harness nature itself to debuff or buff others.

The Warbeasts of the Circle are glass cannons that are great at killing infantry. Their weakness is in their low HP and armour, but that can be resolved by stacked buffs to give them a higher damage output, so you can kill your opponent before they can kill you.