Welcome to the Bad Kitty Shop.

Find out more about our real shop, where you can find Birmingham roasted coffee, cake baked by us, and all your hobby needs.

Bad Kitty Cake

No one should game without snacks, it’s like having a party without cake.

We at Bad Kitty love cake as much as the next person and that is why we make our own. Each week we bake a different selection of three cakes to give you all some variety. One of theses is a Gluten and Lactose free cake.

We also take orders for cake whole and slices. So those Friday Office meetings can have a silver lining.

Bad Kitty Birmingham

Quarter Horse Coffee


Quarter Horse Coffee source green beans through our international suppliers.

Selecting beans by quality and seasonality, then test-roast them in small batches for there team to evaluate there flavour. The beans that make the cut are then added to the shops and are made available for the wholesale customers.

They are one of the only coffee roasters in the country to roast in-house and within full view of there cafe.

Quarter Horse Coffee Birmingham

Gaming Room – Closed due to Covid-19

Lots of awesome miniatures and coffee downstairs what could we put upstairs?

We thought a couple of 4ft square tables would be worth it so we went for two 4ft by 8ft gaming tables instead. These can be made into a 4ft by 16ft if your in the mood for a monster game.

Comfy sofas were a must. They are a great place to grab a coffee and read you comic or to play a board game or two.

Stock range

Opening Times from the 15th of June

Monday 12pm – 6pm
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 12pm – 6pm
Friday 12pm – 6pm
Saturday 10am – 5pm
Sunday 11am – 4pm

Bad Kitty Shop
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